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  • if your college close down.
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Stop Being a Victim Of College/Institution Scam Anymore!

You Are Not Alone, FEE GUARDS is Here To Protect You.

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Why Fee Guards is the Smart Choice?

What We Do

We protect International students from being victims of College shutdown, while helping them to find a genuine study visa consultant.

Student Membership

Students, you can SECURE your FEE & GUARD your FUTURE by obtaining membership.

Our Associates

Our all associates are renowned and duly certified by government and always ready to assist people regarding international study program.

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Congratulations to the proud parents!

We are very happy that your child is going abroad for higher studies.

Overseas Education is a golden opportunity to take in the allure and culture of new land. But what are the things that may go wrong when your child is thousands of helpless miles away from home?

  • College Closed
  • College Blacklisted

Such scams done by colleges leave students with no money in hand to get admission in another college.

families suffers due to financial loss
what to do when college shuts down

Eventually, returning home becomes the last option for them that too with several social, economic and emotional consequences such as:

  • Wastage of time
  • Financial Loss
  • Increased Fear
  • Post-traumatic stress
  • Lack of Interest in Education


Hence, despite all of your best efforts, your child comes back home empty-handed.

Now, how to protect yourself from Fraud!

  • First of all, be alert to the fact that scams exist.
  • Secondly, register yourself with Fee Guards at the same time you apply for admission in an overseas college.
  • Fee Guards is a savior that saves families from all levels of immigration fraud.
  • While dealing with the victims of immigration fraud (registered with fee guard in advance), we compensate for the total college fee.
how to protect from college fraud