75 fake Colleges & Universities in UK shut down in recent years

fake colleges shut down

Presently, most of the students desire to study on an International level. So, to fulfil their unaware dream they believe on anyone who promises them to transform their hard earned dream into reality. In the end they become the victim of fraudsters sitting in every corner wearing the dress of reliable immigration agent.

Some examples of such situation are given below:

The higher education watchdog Hedd has shut down 75 fake colleges and universities example as Manchester Open University. Seventy-five fake universities have been shut down in the past four years, amid warnings that the business in fake degrees is undermining the whole status of the UK higher education system in the entire world. The university watchdog the Higher Education Degree Datacheck (Hedd), which checks fake degrees, has built up a register of 243 sham institutions.

There is rising worry about students being miss sold fake degrees, with more than 200 potential cases of degree extortion under investigation since 2015.

Among the scam colleges that became obvious was Manchester Open University, which was promoting degrees for expenses of up to £35,000 on its site.

It claimed to have a campus on Oxford Road in the city, with 2,000 students from 90 different types of countries studying degrees in history, English and medicine, but officials called in to investigate were unable to find a trace of the college.

For another situation, Oxbridge University of Kilmurry, which offered experts, doctorates and expert capabilities on its site, was seen as enlisted in Gambia.

Jayne Rowley, the CEO of Hedd, stated: “Among the suspicious managers and phony authentications, we get notification from real colleges who spot fakes utilizing their marking to pull in understudies, gather individual data and course expenses.

“This is damaging the reputation of our higher education system, but it is a global issue. The majority of websites are based outside the UK and therefore we need to collaborate more internationally.”

As per Hedd, false colleges and degree factories endeavour to bring in cash from enrolment expenses, premium telephone lines and course charges. “This sort of extortion is getting increasingly complex,” Hedd’s direction to advanced education suppliers states, “with solid sites and check benefits frequently displayed on their true partners – including the direct lifting of substance and areas of material from real college sites.”

Just as lessening the quantity of phony establishments through examination and mindfulness raising, Hedd likewise wants to battle degree extortion by getting bosses and colleges to make more confirmation checks while enrolling understudies and graduates.

“We need to focus more on prevention,” said Rowley. “If every employer properly checked the degree qualifications of every candidate there wouldn’t be a market for this type of fraud.”

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