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Your Goal Is To Graduate.

Our goal is to help you get there.

In today’s world, it is easy to get into financial trouble while dealing with Overseas colleges. Thus, to protect your investment in international education, you need to register yourself with Fee Guards.


Fee Guards give International students and their parents total peace of mind, by rescuing them from the danger of financial loss which they face in worst case scenarios such as:


  • College Shutdown by local government
  • College blacklisted by local council
  • Fake student visa

Fee Guard gives a helping hand to the International students by providing a full refund of the total college fee. Doing so, we ensure they can apply to a different college without causing any delay.

Stop Being a Victim Of College/Institution Scam Anymore!

You Are Not Alone, FEE GUARD is Here To Protect You.


Fee Guard’s unique student focused coverage provides protection against college tuition fee, in case college shuts or closes down. We provide relevant features like


  • College Fee Protection.
  • Fake Study Visa Protection. and
  • Fraud Travel Agent Protection.


Fee Guard protects from overseas financial loss while removing obstacles to enable international students to complete their overseas education.


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