Affordable Countries to Study Abroad with Cheapest Tuition Fees – Canada, UK, Australia, US or Europe

countries to study abroad

Searching for a top-class college with the cheapest countries to study in the entire world? The European college university is for the most part dependent on public funding, which is the reason why European colleges give great quality Master’s degrees to exceptionally low or here and there even no education costs! 

It is widely known that Europe offers countless worldwide Master’s projects you can apply to. International students in the entire world appreciate incredible expectations for everyday comforts, cities full of culture, and dynamic social lives.

While the quantity of International students overall keeps on growing day by day, the expense of studying abroad doesn’t appear to be going to descend. Indian Students preferred study destinations are to be sure regularly the costliest ones. As per an HSBC survey, however about 74% of guardians might want their children to go enhance their future by studying abroad, more than 50% wish they had started saving earlier. Spotlight on the cost of international university study.

Let’s compare the International study costs across 15 well-known countries

Australia is the costliest study abroad destination. The positioning of countries where the international study is the most expensive factor for a student isn’t just founded on the comparison of the normal education costs in the 10 biggest colleges in every type of nation.

It additionally takes into account the average cost for sustaining in the urban areas where the best colleges of every nation are found. Consequently, regardless of whether US advanced tuition fee charges are beating all records, the average cost for basic items in Australia is high to the point that the nation winds up being a more costly study abroad area than the United States. There are world class universities in Europe and some of the European countries also provide free education to international students as well.

Here are a few statics which can offer you the basic idea about the expense rate of universities in different countries:

Rank Country Annual university costs (USD) Annual cost of living (USD) Annual total cost (USD)
1 Australia 24,081 18,012 42,093
2 Singapore 18,937 20,292 39,229
3 United States 24,914 11,651 36,564
4 United Kingdom 21,365 13,680 35,045
5 Hong Kong 13,444 18,696 32,140
6 Canada 16,746 13,201 29,947
7 France 247 16,530 16,777
8 Malaysia 2,453 10,488 12,941
9 Indonesia 4,378 8,527 12,905
10 Brazil 59 12,569 12,627
11 Taiwan 3,338 8,573 11,911
12 Turkey 1,276 10,089 11,365
13 China 3,844 6,886 10,729
14 Mexico 750 8,710 9,460
15 India 581 5,062 5,624

So, it is crystal clear that most of the students dream of going abroad for higher studies. The scope and quality of education in foreign countries are much developed and there is a wide variety of courses that one picks up there. 

But the extra tuition fees along with the expensive cost of living becomes too much to bear for people who come from a middle-class family. So, to fulfill your dream, parents make a decision to invest every penny to send their child abroad to provide a good quality of the future.

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