Be Cautious: One wrong help can give you an ocean full of regrets

Studying in foreign shores, be it for further education, or new job opportunities, has long been an aspiration for several types of individuals. The flip side to this dream for several budding youngsters and job-seekers in India, though, remains the threat of fraud. Over the last year, many students have continually faced the issue of scammers posing as employees or associates of the organization and embezzling innocent candidates.

Misusing the whole immigration industry name in the visa space, such types of scammers lure unsuspecting aspirants with the fake promises of overseas settlement. An all-too-frequent modus operandi includes a fraudster using new software and other innovative technology, to clone other reliable immigration companies web page and mask their phone numbers, so it reflects that the call has indeed come from an official immigration company’s line. The victim is then enquired to verify the whole number on the official website, leading him/her to further believe the caller.

Then they force the person to fall in that puddle of falseness by making one initial call which is backed by fabricated job offer letters and official looking documentation sent through an email. To showcase further acceptance of the whole job, offer or immigration opportunity, the email further explains that the applicant will have to arrange an upfront payment and share private information to take things forward. Most of our budding youth of the country unfortunately fall victim to such scams, and pay large sums of money to these fraudsters in the hope of transforming their career and receiving their visa/immigration papers.

Always Remember 

To protect these youth from the vicious circle of these fraudster comes into existence. They provide international students tuition fee protection coverage, safeguarding students and their families from such fraudsters. They offer full tuition fee refunds in these worst scenarios. They are the one who transform the dream of study abroad aiming students into reality.

Fee guards act as a safe guards for International students and their parents from fake travel agents, fake visas and fake colleges open in abroad. They act as a whole sole body to protect International students and their families from overseas financial loss while removing obstacles to enable International students to complete their overseas education. All the applicants are advised to approach as they have the extensive safeguards in place to protect applicants personal data.

Few warning signs that showcase you may be getting swindled

  • Fraudsters usually request for advance payments to personal bank accounts with the threat of facing visa application rejection or deportation.
  • They ask for personal information under the pretext of re-validating entire information in the application.
  • You may receive emails about job offers or immigration are sent from fake email IDs, usually via commonly used personal email accounts.
  • All communication stops with the scammer once a payment has been made to them.

So, it’s your duty to search for a reliable body who can showcase you the true path towards your dream. You are required to get full knowledge about the whole situation so that you can live a comfortable life in your desired nation. For the same you can pick as your first choice. As they help prospective international students and their families to make informed decisions while choosing a college abroad.