Canada Student Visa: Things to Remember Before Applying

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India is only second to China in terms of international student enrollment in Institutions across Canada. Every year, thousands of students from India leave their home country to fulfill their dreams of studying abroad. Every individual has their own reasons and aims to go to an alien country to study & build a great career. It may be to improve knowledge or skills, employability prospects, independence, novelty experience and many more. But they are somewhat nervous or fearful of the visa rejection. Many questions arise in their minds before applying for Study Visa. Students try to put their all possible efforts to remove any loopholes and expect the best.

canada student visa

Here are the main points to remember before applying for a student visa:

  • English Language Proficiency: If you’re planning to study in Canada, the foremost thing to do is to prepare and give the English language proficiency test. To get admission in any college or university in Canada, a minimum score of CLB 6 is required. There are 3 types of language tests IELTS, PTE, and TOEFL which are accepted worldwide by the institutions.
  • Proof of the acceptance letter: Students must have proof of the acceptance letter of the college in which he is going to study in Canada. This is sent to the student on applying the admission application. It is a positive response from the college if the application got accepted. It becomes a vital document that clearly indicates a formal sign of a successful application.
  • The validity of the student’s passport: It is important that the student’s passport remains valid throughout the course and allows them to come back to their home country. The student’s passport must have validity along with the course he will be pursuing in Canada. Otherwise, a Student Visa will not be issued.
  • Financial conditions: One must have proof of having enough money to support himself in Canada with the purpose of studying there. The proof of the required amount must be shown before handed to be more valid and trustworthy.

For Financials, Student may have to provide several shreds of evidence such as:

  1. A proof that student has a Canadian bank account to transfer his money
  2. A proof that student has purchased a Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC)
  3. A proof that student has taken a loan from a bank (if applicable)
  4. A proof that student has paid the tuition fee
  5. Student or Parents bank statement for the last 6 months
  6. A letter from a person who is sponsoring him
  • The motive to study in Canada: Student’s motive to study in Canada should be clearly explained in the “letter of intent”. The “letter of intent” is submitted in advance making the clarity of the purpose of going to the following country and reasons behind studying there. It is submitted as “Statement of Purpose” to the immigration authorities expressing the needs and aims of studying in Canada.
  • Completion of medical examination: The student must go through a medical check-up before applying for a student visa. On completing the examination; he receives a report which he must attach in documents while applying for a student visa. The results and other conditions require in this spectrum also play a great role in the approval or rejection of the visa.
  • Intent to come back to his home country: Canada offers chances to work and settle there, but the immigration authorities focus on it later by analyzing the capacity of the applicant to contribute to their economy. To receive a study visa, one has to prove his connections and determination to return to the country of origin.
  • Objections for previous visa refusals: If the student has earlier rejections than before applying again, he must find out the exact reasons behind refusal and address them accordingly. The reasons behind the earlier refusal cases must be cleared to the authorities in advance. Hiding or not sermonizing such may lead to another refusal.
  • Any pending criminal cases: This is a clear sign of rejection of visa application. If the student has any type of criminal case against him or relates to such deeds, he may get the refusal.

Here is the list of the documents that are required to apply a student visa for Canada:

  • Valid Passport
  • Academic documents
  • Proof of language proficiency
  • A letter of acceptance from College
  • Proof of funds (GIC & Tuition fees)
  • Immigration Medical Examination (IME) report
  • Proof of tuition fee payment
  • Passport size photographs

Important points to keep in mind before planning to study abroad:

  1. Choose a Trusted & Licensed Agent.
  2. Research for a valid College or University.
  3. Beware of fake student visa scams.

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