College Tuition Fees Fraud – How International Students can Safeguard?

college tuition fee frauds

Currently, universities and wide variety of schools are reporting what seems to be a spike in college tuition fee frauds targeting different international students across the globe. Foreign students in particular appear to be a target for bad players trying to take huge benefits from unsuspecting young adults and their families navigating a wide variety of new situations in unfamiliar surroundings.

In excess of 600,000 worldwide students go to schools in Europe and Australia every year, spending more than $9.5 billion on tuition fee. For these students and their families, the distinctive educational cost alternatives and related prerequisites are not in every case clear, making them more susceptible to exploitation.

A few tricksters speak to themselves as reliable government offices and request installment of a “worldwide student tax”. They take wide variety of steps to disavow a student’s visa if installment isn’t made by means of cash request, wire move or other very difficult to-follow few strategies.

Some of the fraudsters represent themselves as a government agencies and demand payment of an “international student fees”. They highly threaten to revoke a student’s visa if payment is not made via money order, wire transfer or other hard-to-track methods.

Others contacts students in visa lines at an embassy, at international student meetings or in tuition payment lines. With reference to a report from universities and schools, the wide variety of fraudsters claim to be agents endorsed by schools specifically to assist international students with their tuition fees.

It was as of late revealed that at two schools in the United States, , individuals posing as payment company representatives offered Chinese students a 5 per cent discount on their tuition. The fraudsters got the students to give their school login qualifications, made the tuition fee payment to the school in the interest of the student utilizing a taken charge card number and afterward gave the understudies installment affirmation students from the school.

The students then paid the discounted tuition amount directly to the representative by cheque or wire transfer. By the time the fraudulent tuition payments were rejected and reversed, the fraudsters were long gone. Student losses were calculated at more than $1 million.

These are just some of the cases we’ve seen this year. The frauds vary, but they keep emerging day by day. Students and their families have to be vigilant. To that end, here are some common-sense steps you should take to protect yourselves from these frauds:

  • Be careful about any individual contribution to make tuition payment for your benefit or promising a discount on payment. If  the offer sounds unrealistic, it almost certainly is.
  • Avoid people and organizations in your nation country advertising tuition payment services benefits that are not recorded on the school’s site or embraced by the school. A few con artists even make an apparently real social media presence. Continuously check with the college before consenting to process any tuition payment through an outsider that isn’t legitimately associated with the school, and not obvious on the school’s payment website or remembered for school-gave payment directions.
  • Never share individual, banking or money related data with any individual who comes up short on an unquestionable connection with the college. The requester might be attempting to get the data for fake use. Continuously confirm who you are talking with. By and large, you can confirm an organization’s authenticity on the school’s site.
  • Always be cautious about how (face to face, by telephone, through internet based life) and where (migration lines, universal conceded students gatherings, etc) you might be drawn nearer by frauds. If all else fails, contact the school.

For most of the students who desires to study on an international level and ready to pay huge price requires proper planning with right guidance but most of the students fall in the trap of fake immigration officers who attract them with their illegal documentation.

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