How global institutions can safeguard international students from fraudsters?

international student

The most ideal approach to protect your worldwide students from fraudsters is to teach them about the dangers. If students understand the tricks that scammers use and what to look out for they will have a superior possibility of maintaining a strategic distance from scams.

Here are three basic steps your organization can take to teach international students about fraudsters:

  1. Provide information about scams while welcoming your international student

This is quite easy task to do. Some simple information about the main fraud types and the steps students can take to identify and avoid frauds could give your international students enough information to avoid getting ripped off.

  1. Issue proper fraud alerts

Most of the educational institutions issue regular type of fraud alerts to their students via email, and by posting alerts on their intuition website. It is a greatest way to alert students to an immediate fraud threat.

Scam alerts can be issued based on:

  • Information received from your own student body
  • Scam warnings from authorities, or
  • Fraud alerts from other educational institutions.
  1. Information by education agents

Your education agents are well placed to advise international students about scams before the student leaves their home nation. By requiring your immigration agents to advise international students on fraud risks as part of their standard service you can highly ensure that students arrive with some scam information.

In order for your education agents to offer advice to students on frauds, the agent must first have a better understanding of the current scam threat environment and the implications for foreign students.

These immigration agents cover:

  • The global scam threat for international students.
  • Why foreign students are vulnerable to scams.
  • The most common types of scams targeting international students.
  • How students can safeguard themselves against each scam type.
  • How students can learn more about scams, and report scams.
  • The role of education agents in safeguarding international students from scams.
  • A short online assessment about understanding the measures.

The course should include a short type of information document on frauds that agents can download, add their own logo to, and give to students and their families.

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