How to safeguard yourself from rising immigration agents fraud?


There are certain ways to remain safe from migration extortion, and here are things you have to know before you spend on your immigration agent.

Advertisements that assure jobs for high pay, or study from famous colleges in Canada, Australia, the US, and other developed nations, without a doubt allure everyone.

In any case, would they say they are licensed and certified? If you are not cautious, the chances are high that you spend your hard-earned money on some obscure arrangement and end up in profound budgetary emergency and legitimate problems.

How to choose the right immigration agent?

Immigration agents you pick ought to be affirmed professionals, and they ought to be individuals who offer services that are not relating to legitimate conventions. As a rule, the expense they work for this is less. In a couple of cases, you can see individuals guaranteeing as firmly related to USCIS.

This is a warning and can be a migration misrepresentation, as United States Citizenship and Immigration Services don’t engage operators, and it is highly unlikely they can assist you with completing the procedure quicker and simpler.

Reporting scam and Rogue Immigration agents

Continuously guarantee that you have everything in a composed agreement. Else migration misrepresentation can cost a great deal. The agreement must be in English and in your local language too. Guarantee that a duplicate of the agreement is with you. You should not sign any clear application structures or petitions, or any structures that have deficient or off base data.

What should you do and What not to do?

Never give your original documents as proofs, say educational certificates, passports or other documents, to the agents. When you pay, ensure the payment is accepted as a check, or as a transfer to the registered account of the agency. This would help you to take the immigration fraud to the higher authorities.

Choose an agent, who is authorized by the government of the country you apply for the Visa. Suppose when you apply for Canadian Visa, you cannot trust any representative to have a special connection with the Canadian government. Also, entering into a marriage that is not legal can send you out of Canada.

So, it’s your call to make yourself fully aware of the whole aspect of studying in Abroad. Don’t fall in the vicious trap of immigration fraudsters as there you can end destroying all your dreams. To avoid such a situation, you can seek help from Fee Guards.

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