Planning to Send your Child to Study Abroad?

study abroad
  • An important detail to save lakhs of rupees while planning for your child to study abroad
  • Subject of safety of your hard earned money

It’s quite of a difficult task to send your young one overseas for their studies, not only physically or emotionally, but financially too. The whole family and friends have to deal with a lot of difficulties to make their and their child’s dream of studying abroad to come true. All this needs a lot of courage, patience, and money. Many aspirants successfully with zero regrets and disappointment do fulfill their such aims, but on the other side, there are even the families who deal with a lot of obstacles where they can see no hopes. They deal with such misery for a long period.

Preparation of sending one’s child abroad making him get literate with specialized knowledge overseas can take months and sometimes even more than that. All this process takes simple yet complex initial steps like:

  • Eligible IELTS scores
  • A trustworthy Travel Agent
  • Good Country
  • Good College
  • Recognized Course
  • Benefits of Scholarships
  • Apply for Visa
  • And finally Tickets

Even other than this, there are many other things to take in care such as accommodation, shopping, environment, other documents.

But in the middle of all this, one misses out to look after not so minor details such as protection of tuition fees. Money is so important for not only the college but also for the family. The negligence of the student’s family to the importance of such a vital part of the process in planning to study abroad. There have been lots of cases where one let go of their hard-earned money, life savings, land, jewelry and what so not.

This all happens just because of the measures not taken at the initial steps. For which, Students get to face many consequences whiles studying abroad, such as college shutdown. Having no money to take admission to another college they are left with only the option to come back to his home country.

Yes, while sending your child abroad, one must look after the protection of their child and their finances as well. And for that, one must get a tuition fee protection plan so that no misery can hit on the family. Fee Guards, provides whole protection to international students from being victims of College Shutdowns while helping them to find a genuine study visa consultant.

As the cases are increasing when it comes to college misery. To protect oneself from such crisis, one must take the protection plan of overseas college tuition fees using which in case of such situation. One can get his/her tuition fees paid to college till date compensated and can take admission in another college while saving himself/herself from being deported and leaving their families devastated.

It is like a dream come true when things go the way we want them to go. But many times, aspirants get trapped in various horrible situations like fake agents or fake visas, and sudden college shutdowns. To avoid such situations, one must register with Fee Guards as an initial step. Fee Guards, a platform guarding international students by providing them full protection of tuition fees, saving them from fraud agents and from forged visas too.