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For Study visa consultants

To be a registered study visa travel agent with us:

  • The firm must be licensed by state or central government.
  • License number of the firm must be presented while registering with Fee Guards.
  • The Education visa consultancy must have a good reputation in the market and must not have committed any fraud.
  • The Education visa consultancy must present right information about number of years of practice, change of name of firm in previous years and any cases registered against them in previous years.

Rights to investigate and inclusion to verified list:

  • Fee guards reserves the right to audit your track record for endorsements.
  • Inclusion of study visa travel agent on our verified list is at sole discretion of fee guards.

In case of any fraud:

  • In case, if such education visa consultancy or firm has been found involved in any kind of visa fraud, their membership will be ripped off automatically.
  • In case, any education visa consultant is found to be guilty in any fraud by Session court, district court, High court of State or Supreme Court of India, such firm will not be liable to avail Fee Guards Membership.
  • Such owners of firms who have a track record of any fraud under any other firm name in past and now have started with a fresh new name will also not be liable to avail Fee Guards membership.
  • In case, a student visa firm commits any fraud with any student, after availing Fee guards membership they will be excluded from Fee guards’ verified list effective immediately.
  • With the exclusion from verified list all the students registered by such firm will be still liable to receive full protection from Fee Guards, but no further student registrations from such fraud firms will be entertained.
  • With the exclusion from Fee Guards’ verified list such study visa agents will no longer be a part of Fee Guards, and will never retain any opportunity in the future to gain membership
  • In case, an education visa firm is alleged by any family member of a student about any conspiracy of fake student visa or admission in fake college, Fee Guards will wait for final decisions of court to void membership. If the accused is proven guilty their membership will automatically be voided.

Students registration and payments:

  • An education visa consultant can register as many students as he/she wants by paying their membership fees in advance, before paying tuition fees to college.
  • Once payment of a student is confirmed his membership will begin by updating information online.

For Student Membership

To be a registered student and avail Fee Guard protection:

  • You must be a prospective International Student planning to study abroad.
  • You must present proofs of payment made to the college.
  • A student must take fee guards membership before approaching to a study visa consultant.
  • A student’s membership can be bought by a study visa agent with a condition of being a reputed and ethical in practice.

Investigation and Verification:

  • Fee guards reserves the right to audit your track record for endorsements.
  • Verifying a student for Fee Guards protection is at sole discretion of fee guards.

Fee Guard Protection:

  • Fee Guards protection begins once you take admission in a college (while being registered with us) till the convocation of the same program.
  • In case, a student has finished a program (be it diploma or degree) for which he has taken Fee guard protection, Fee Guards protection will also end.
  • If a student enrolls to a college for another year for a new course, he/she again needs to sign up with Fee Guards for protection of his/her full college fees.

(for example, John’s parents took Fee guards protection while enrolling him in 2 years Automation and Robotics Technician program at Sheridan college beginning from September 2017 to April 2019, now upon completion of technician program John wishes to enroll into Technologist program in Automation and Robotics at same college, which is for another 1 and a half year.

In this case, John’s parents again need to avail Fee Guard Protection for One and a half year because their previous protection membership has ended with completion of technician program.

If John’s parents don’t avail membership for new time duration, they will not be able to claim any college fee in case of college shut down, fake student visa extension etc.)

  • No student, after successful completion of diploma or degree program will be liable to claim any fees from Fee Guards.
  • The Fee Guards protection only covers the expenses paid to college in the form of tuition fees, other expenses i.e. rent of apartment, grocery expenses, cost of transportation, local clubs memberships fees, medical expenses and air fare expenses are not included.
  • Fee guards will only cover expenses paid via bank transfer or debit/credit card. Any amount paid in cash will not be covered by Fee Guards protection.
  • Fee Guards will cover your college fees in case of fake student visa, fraud committed by agent or college shutdown by local government.

Void Membership

  • Fee Guards membership will be void in case, a student decides to drops out the course with his own willingness and decided to work full time.
  • In the same case if a student Start his full-time studies again, he/she will be required to sign up for Fee Guards membership again as his previous membership had finished while dropping out.
  • Void membership will not be applicable in case a student takes a semester break and start working full time. As the student is going to resume his full-time studies again after break, he/she will be eligible to take full benefits of Fee Guards protection. But a prior notification about semester break and study visa extension to Fee Guard is mandatory.
  • Void membership will also be applicable, if for any disciplinary reason a college expels the student.
  • Void membership will also be applicable if a student fails to graduate from the program he is enrolled in while being protected by Fee Guards.