Why Canada Wants 1 Million Immigrants Over Next 3 Years?

canada immigrants

The country like Canada once again portrays us why the stereotype is true. The world’s one of the best countries is truly nice to its citizens and everyone else. Now they are one who is going to welcome over 1 million immigrants into their country.

There are a huge number of reasons why Canada is so attractive to foreigners. A great higher education opportunity is one of the biggest reasons to attract a large number of students from the rest of the world.

As we have a clear idea that this country is one of the countries that has shown unimaginable development strides within a limited period of time. Right from the biggest industries to top-ranking universities, a country like Canada has everything at the highest standards that an individual would seek in order to lead a far better level of living. We can easily state that it would be perfectly right to mention here that Canada’s economy is the 10th largest economy in the present world.

The budding economic growth of a nation is wholly solely dependent on several factors which help in the positive outcome and unimaginable growth results. Likewise, this country’s economic growth depends on a number of factors and one important factor that plays a prominent character is “Immigration” to which the Canadian government gives great importance in a large way.

The preset factors and report say that approximately one in five people is an immigrant in a country like Canada and they account for approximately 21.5% of the total population present in a country like Canada. The government of Canada is also taking every possible measure to welcome immigrants and has planned to raise the level of immigration intake to almost one million within the next coming three years.

The main question that revolves around the mind is to “Why the country like Canada is showing a keen interest in the whole immigration sector?” it has been much debated and researched by the people. This question generates a deep curiosity in the mind of people.

Here are a few reasons behind the steps taken by the Canadian Government.

A highly skilled workforce is something that could transform or break the country’s economy rate. A country like Canada with the right amount of hard-working labor will result in a high amount of economic growth eventually transforming to a better standard of living for the country’s residents.

On the 13th March 2018, there is a preset amount of 400,000 jobs spread across the country that needs to be filled in. With the labor shortage intensifying in every single Canadian province, the government present in Canada has planned to increase the level of a number of immigrants, who could deeply devote to the positive incensement of the economy and meet the increasing labor shortages.

The government of Canada has experienced an unimaginable growth in the economy by 2.2 percent annually over the past five growing years. This optimistic economic growth will face a whiplash due to the aging Canadian population & low birth rate. Without any new migration intake activities for the next two decades, this positive factor of GDP growth percentage will gradually decrease to 1.3 percent annually.

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